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Everyone who follows Taylor Swift has been eagerly watching the countdown on her website for today, April 26th, and with fan theories everywhere the smart money is betting on a new album or clothing line release. But no matter what Tay Tay gifts us today we are sure it will be intrinsically linked with her love of her cats and the colours pink and yellow which have dominated her posts over the past few months. After taking a closer look at her recent posts Land of Meow has a theory that her latest endeavour will be about the true loves of her life her cats; Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey and a possible new beauty - Mei?

Land of Meow-Taylor Swift Dress

The colour Pink represents unconditional love and understanding. This is a love that all pet owners know well. The unconditional love you share with your cat through play, cuddling and grooming is a joy that all cat owners experience.

The colour Yellow represents happiness, energy, loyalty and joy.

What cat owner hasn’t experienced these emotions when your cat has shown their affection by purring, sitting in your lap, rubbing against your leg, and following you around.

Land of Meow - Taylor Swift Vogue Cover

Who could say no to a cute nose bump from these gorgeous furballs.

Tay-Tay adores her cats, and her Instagram account is full of their travels and loving moments together.Land of Meow - Heart

Land of Meow - Linny Cat Collar Yellow

Land of Meow - Taylor Swift Cats Olivia and Meredith

Land of Meow - Linny Cat Collar Pink

Did you know that the name Olivia means ‘symbol of peace’ and that Meredith means Magnificent?.

We have to agree with you Taylor that these beauties are well named.

Land of Meow-Taylor Swift on Stairs

Taylors song lyrics are also full of obvious references to her cats. Lyrics such as:

“Didn’t you calm my fears with the Cheshire CAT smile?" from “Wonderland”


"And when the sun came up, you were lookin' at me. You were lookin' at me." From All Too Well”


"Broke your heart, I'll put it back together. I want you forever and ever." From "How You Get The Girl"

Are all lyrics cat lovers can relate to.

No matter whether it is music or a clothing range that is dropped today we love you Taylor and we hear your purr!

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