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It can sometimes be difficult to tell if your cat is genuinely happy. Certain signs to look out for include the most classic of responses, purring, which is often a telling sound that your cat is calm and happy. Kneading is also a signal to show that your cat is content and it’s always a great free massage for owners! Last but not least is head butting, where your furball rubs up against your leg, often at an inconvenient time, but marking that you’re a safe space for them to return to.

If your feline is showing less and less of these signals, it may be time to create a happier home for your cat. Often it doesn’t have to be a massive change to alter their demeanour, but rather strategic moves to help initiate the innate instincts of your furry family member.

A View of the Outside

Cats are natural hunters and if you’re not encouraging them to use their natural hunting instincts, they can become restless and unhappy. Their innate habits include climbing, stalking and scratching to name a few. Providing your furball with a view of the outside to stalk birds from a vantage point can assist in creating a happier cat.

Purchasing designer cat accessories such as wall furniture and climbing steps can help immensely with height and bird stalking needs. The floating wall steps, available in Standard and XL from LucyBalu can be fixed at the place that suits you best. The steps are coated with a grip base to ensure that cats won't slip when jumping about.

Going for a Walk

Maybe your feline has been stuck indoors for days on end and all they really want is a change of scenery! Some cats are more adventurous than others, therefore allowing them to see more of the world can help create a happier cat.

Luxury Cat Carriers designed to allow furballs to view their surroundings are a great alternative to leashes that many cats are unlikely to love wearing. The Retro Bubble Luxury Cat Carrier with its transparent viewing window, ventilation mesh and dual access points is both a stylish and functional way to increase your cat’s happiness.

Time for Some Exercise

Finally, it’s said tired cats are happy cats and the best way to achieve this is through play with toys and interactive games. There is a great selection of cat toys out there but choosing the right toy to increase your cat’s happiness can be difficult. Have a look at the 3 Ways to Keep your Cat Entertained During Isolation blog for ideas!

These are general tips to keep your cat happy, if you’re ever concerned about your cat’s wellbeing, call your local vet.