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Many people have the incorrect belief that cats are aloof and only tolerate humans for food and lodging, but those of us who share our home with a cat know how wrong this belief is. Many cats are not only affectionate towards their human, but will also pine when their human is away at work on holidays and not giving them love 24/7. Here are 5 signs that you cat truly loves you.

1. Purring and Kneading

Land of Meow - Cat Purring

Most of us recognise purring and kneading as signs that our cat is happy, but it’s also important to remember that these are also signs of affection. Mother cats purr to guide their kittens to food and it is this same love and affection that they also direct towards their humans. We also know that kittens knead on their mother to stimulate milk flow and whilst they don’t expect milk from their humans, to the cat this action signifies that they feel warm, loved and secure.

Aww – how special are you!

2. Scratching and toileting on your bed

You may not think that faeces and urine make for the best turn down gift, but cats show affection by marking their territory. So, when they toilet on your bed, or even your clothes, what they are trying to say is “I love you and how you smell and want to share my loving scent with you”.

It is hard not to get upset when your cat does this, especially since we are the ones who have to clean up or replace the soiled items. But for your cat this is a gift better than a basket of chocolates.

Land of Meow - Cat on Bed

3. Putting their butt in your face

Cats and dogs greet their friends by turning their butt around and allowing each other to ‘smell’ hello. This sign of friendliness is also shown towards humans that the cat loves, but don’t worry, there’s no need to return the gesture. A simple scratch at the base of the tail is enough to return the compliment. We thought we would spare you putting in a photo example of this one ~mol~

4. Rubbing and Headbutting

Land of Meow - Cat Headbutt

Scent marking is something that all cats do to those they love. When a cat butts its head against you, or insists that you rub its head and cheeks, their scent glands are activated and they use this to scent to mark you as theirs. Whilst we can’t smell this marking the cat is showing you how much they love you, and letting other cats know you are taken. Sort of like going steady or being pinned.

5. Grooming

Anyone who owns a cat knows how much they love to clean. However mutual grooming between cats, or cats and their humans, is another way of showing affection. When a cat grooms another cat or a human, their scent is transferred and serves to bond everyone together as a family unit. In cat world this means “we all smell the same and we’re a team”. So next time that scratchy tongue starts licking you, remember that you’ve been selected to join a very exclusive club and return the groom by giving them a pat back.

Land of Meow - Cat Licking