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Land of Meow - LucyBalu Float Steps Bundle

You’re looking at that eye sore of a Pet Nook, aren’t you? It just doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of your home’s aesthetic and you know it needs an upgrade, but where do you start? From small luxury toys to scratch pads that attach to the wall, Land of Meow has a range of designer cat products that can change your Pet Nook from a disaster zone into something you can show off to friends and family.

1. Brilliant Bowls

Land of Meow - Cat Bowl Instagram

Did you know that in today’s pet product industry there are an amazing array of water and food bowls that not only look good, but have specially designed features to keep things cold? Think fresh food and water available for hours on end for your furry family member. This will reduce bacterial growth and the smell of 'old cat food' that can often take over the house. Remember functional doesn’t have to be boring!

2. Colour Splash

Land of Meow - Cat Swing Instagram

Land of Meow recently interviewed Interior Designer Sarah Shinners who said, “A home isn’t something you can buy in a shop - it’s a curated collection of a lifetimes’ worth of pieces which, when brought together represent you as a person and carry special memories. When you surround yourself with pieces you love it lifts your mood, calms you and brings joy to your day to day”. Adding splashes of colour with pieces that reflect your personality and vibe that you want within your home are extremely important for the health of you and your family. Neutral tones such as white, grey, black and beige often evoke feelings of calmness and peace, while warmer tones and materials design from wood offer a more welcoming vibe within the home.

3. A Scratch of Creativity

Land of Meow Scratchpad Black Instagram

Swapping out stand-up scratch posts for wall attachable scratch pads is a great way to save space within your Pet Nook. The LucyBalu Scratch Pad is extremely durable and can easily be affixed to a wide range of surfaces.

Land of Meow - Torre Cat Tree Instagram

Or, if you’re wanting to go one step further, you can design the Pet Nook with items that have multiple uses, such as the MiaCara Torre Cat Trees which can triple as a climbing toy, bed and scratch post.

4. Clever Climbing

Land of Meow - Cat Swing Instagram

Make a statement with the LucyBalu Wall Stairs, bringing adventure and style into your cat’s Pet Nook. Designed in a range of colours, these pieces allow cat owners to arrange the area according to their cat’s personality. Whether it’s up high, close together, or attached in random areas on the wall, these stairs make a statement.

Land of Meow - Cat Shelf Black Instagram

Add in a LucyBalu Wall Lounger and MiaCara Cat Blanket, and your furball will be the King or Queen of feline sophistication and luxury.

5. Redesign playtime

Land of Meow - Mint Ball Instagram

No need for tacky plastic toys when luxury cat brand Nose and Paw have created stunning felt balls that are quiet, come in both bright and neutral colours and most importantly, will keep your cat entertained for hours. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to upscale your Pet Nook while keeping your cat happy.

6. Think Vertically

Land of Meow Cat Swing Choupette Instagram

Look above your eye level at all that potential space you could use! Your cat likes to have a bird’s eye view, so with the help of LucyBalu’s Cat Hammock Swing, create this space with style and class. Designing an area above usual eye level will help the space open up and provide your cat with more areas to demonstrate their natural behaviours.

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