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Every cat has a different personality, whether that be shy and quiet, or sassy and loud, you know your cat deserves the best. A cat collar is an expression of your cat’s personality and the bond that you and your cat share.

Cat collars come in all shapes, colours, and sizes; some with bells, some with pendants, some with studs, but how do you know which designer cat collar is the best? Why not get a collar for every day of the week just to be sure!


Land of Meow - Lilo Chocolate Cat Collar

Mondays are for moody collars. It’s the start of the week and the weekend seems so far away, with everything just that little bit gloomier. The Lilo Chocolate Cat Collar is for those sassy and slooth-like cats who walk amongst the shadows and sit proudly beside their owner.

The Lilo Cat Collar has been hand made in Istanbul from supple leather, soft suede and features a buckle shaped like a cat. Available in two sizes, this collar is sure to suit any feline with a taste for luxury.


Land of Meow - Linny Sky Blue with Silver Bell Cat Collar

Tuesdays are often brighter in mood and represent calm after the crazy rush of Monday madness. So, for this day of the week we’ve chosen the Linny Sky Blue with Silver Bell Cat Collar which will allow your cat to exude luxury through this cute designer Cat Collar.

The Linny Cat Collar embraces classic British styling with its attention to detail and quality design. Your cat will feel like royalty in their new designer cat collar made in England.


Land of Meow - The Collarist Wild Love Cat Collar

Happy hump day cat lovers! Wednesdays are for the wild at heart, so to show off your cat’s mid-week emotions, The Collarist Wild Love cat collar is the perfect match! Designer cat collars should be made from the best quality, and this collar achieves just that using eco-friendly materials too!

The Collarist cat collars are hand made in Mexico from skilled artisans using traditional weaving techniques. These Aztec inspired designs are made from a selection of hand loomed designs in 100% eco-friendly wool and backed with a soft tan leather with golden trim.


Land of Meow - Linny Baby Green with Antique Bell Cat Collar

We’re almost at the weekend, so that calls for something that is both timeless and modern. Let’s call it a Thursday Throwback! The Linny Baby Green with Antique Bell cat collar is a nice addition to any designer cat collar collection, while adding subtle elegance to your cat’s everyday life.

 The Linny designer cat collars feature an elasticated joint for safety and pressed cream edges to avoid discoloration. Luxury cat collars should stand the test of time without being uncomfortably rigid for your cat.


Land of Meow - Linny Rose Pink with Heart Charm Cat Collar

It’s the weekend, so let’s make a statement with your designer cat collar! You’re more likely to take photos over a weekend too, therefore the collar shouldn’t stand out too much, but enough to catch the attention of other cat lovers.

To finish off the week we’ve chosen The Linny Rose Pink with Heart Charm cat collar featuring a high-quality heart charm and light weight buckle finished in silver on a pink leather strap.


There are many more colour and pendant combinations, however we hope we’ve been able to help you match your next luxury cat collar to your favourite day of the week. Don’t forget to look for materials that will last the wear and tear of your cat’s activities, while also remaining comfortable throughout the day.

The Land of Meow team is always happy to provide suggestions for your cat and which designer cat collars may be best suited to your furry friend.