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This year hasn’t been great, but for the cat lovers of the world, this year has delivered us the designer cat wall! Gaining popularity in recent months, designer cat walls are a great way to create a pet nook within your home that matches your human furniture. Yes, that’s right, we can now design effective play and sleep areas for our cats while keeping an aesthetically pleasing household.

Say goodbye to that eye sore of a jungle gym for your cat and welcome in the new era of designer cat walls that will enhance the lives of both cat owners and their furry friends alike.

What Makes A Great Designer Cat Wall?

You can’t just go and pick out any old cat wall and call it a job well done. Instead, we believe there are 4 key factors in deciding on the perfect designer cat wall.


When looking at all pieces of the designer cat wall, think of how the colours of these parts will interact together. You want to create an effective pet nook for your cat to sleep, play and hide, while designing a feature wall that you’re happy to look at every day.

The colours within the designer cat wall should also match your own furniture, creating a more harmonious environment within your home. If you’re still unsure on the colour, then neutrals are always a safe bet.


How big is the wall? How big are the pieces for the designer cat wall? How big is your cat? These are 3 important questions when choosing the shape and sizing of your designer cat wall.

You also don’t want to be walking into any of the pieces as you turn the corner, so avoid placing in hallways! Instead choose a family room where it’s easy to avoid but allows your cat to see you too.


A designer cat wall piece should be able to be moved around if necessary. Parts should not have to be connected which will restrict the design of your pet nook.

A quality designer cat piece will allow for flexibility in design, to keep your cat entertained if they begin to get bored of the same sequence of jumps and exploration.


Find designer cat wall pieces that have longevity and won’t fall out the wall under the weight of your cat! We suggest looking for materials such as sheet metal that will ensure sturdiness and won’t fail under the use of your furry friend.

What Products Should You Use in Your Designer Cat Wall?

The best part about designer cat walls is that you can create them to your cats needs! If your cat is an explorer, use more steps. If your cat likes to sleep a lot, use a swing! If your cat is a bit of both, use loungers.


The LucyBalu Cat Wall Stairs can be fixed into any placement on a wall. Each step is coated with a grip base to ensure that your feline doesn’t slip when jumping. Stairs are a great way to add height and excitement for your cat in their own pet nook. Available in black and white, it’s easy to match to any household furniture.


The LucyBalu Wall Lounger makes use of your walls giving your cat more area to play while also allowing them to stretch out and sleep. The Wall Lounger has also been created to match the LucyBalu Wall Scratchers and steps giving you the ability to make a pet nook that is stylish and functional.


The LucyBalu Cat Hammock Swing is made of natural wool, soft and odour absorbing. Swings provide a safe space for your cat to relax and sleep, and are also a great addition to any pet nook. Throw out that ragged cat bed now!

Why Do Cats Need Their Own Space?

Most cats want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the home, leading your cat to find places that are either very high with a bird’s eye-view, or somewhere hidden and small.

We can predict this behaviour through evolutionary instinct, which is why it’s a great idea to have your designer cat wall constructed with height in mind. Your cat can watch what’s going on below them without feeling threatened, increasing their ability to relax and reduce any anxiety your cat may have.

Respecting that space is just as important as creating it. It’s likely your cat chooses to hide away or sleep on the highest step because it wants to be left alone. Providing your cat with this privacy in its own pet nook will keep your cat happy and healthy….and hopefully a little less sassy!

 If you’re unsure if your home is suitable for a designer cat wall, or want to discuss any of the products involved, send us an email and we’d love to chat!