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Land of Meow - Hartman and Rose Carrier with Cat

Cats make great pets, but just like any other furry friend, they need time to adjust to new environments. To help with this transition, quality designer cat accessories can help your feline feel more at home and feel safe quicker.

We’ve created our top 3 tips for introducing your cat or kitten to your home with designer cat accessories.

Tip 1 – On The Drive Home

As much as you want to hold your new friend in your arms, it’s often best to keep them in their carrier for the entire ride home. Avoid exciting them too much and get them used to being in their carrier.

Being a kitten or a cat you’re not entirely familiar with, sometimes car rides can be traumatic for them and cause unnecessary stress. One way to overcome this is with a versatile designer cat carrier.

The SleepyPod Mini Cat Carrier allows your cat to see their surroundings while keeping them enclosed in a safe space. The SleepyPod has been designed with travel in mind and made from easily washable materials.

Tip 2 – When To Bring Out The Food

When you arrive home, ensure you have everything already set-up and ready to go. Your cat will be curious, so avoid providing food until at least one hour after his or her arrival. Wellness Pet Food has also suggested transitioning food with your new furry family member over 7 to 10 days; this will avoid a shock to the system.

Begin with a mix of 25% of your cat’s new food and 75% of her old diet. Feed this for about two to three days. Slowly, increase the amount of new food so that you have a 50/50 mix for your cat to enjoy. After two to three days of half and half, you can move on to a mix of 75% of the new food and 25% of the old diet. Keep that up for another 2 or 3 days before you switch over to 100% of the new food.

Ensure the bowls are completely new. We suggest for the water and food, you use Magisso Cooling Ceramic Bowls. This designer cat bowl will keep food and water fresh, reduce odour and help avoid bacterial growth.

Tip 3 – Finding a Sleeping Spot

Cats are likely to choose sleeping spots in the house where they can be comfortable, warm, and free from drafts. Providing a bed for your cat may discourage him or her from sleeping on furniture too.

We suggest beginning with, and to help your cat feel safer, the Covo Cat Cave. This designer cat bed has a raised rear offering a cosy, protected space for your cat to curl up and sleep. It’s easy to clean and made from durable materials for a long-lasting bed.

Designer Cat Accessories have a massive impact on how your cat feels when being introduced into your family home. Ensure you have the best of the best for your furry friend. If you’re unsure what you need to get started still, feel free to contact the Land of Meow team.