Posted on by Vin Grea

Christmas is just around the corner, and although we’re all excited to spend some time with friends and family, our balls of fur may not be. The silly season can cause a lot of stress in our cats, especially if they need to be boarded or travel to new locations. To make this time of year easier on our feline friends, we’ve suggested a few ways to help reduce their stress and keep them happy and purring all through the holidays.

Boarding at Christmas

We can’t always take our cats away with us at Christmas which often means they’re left to boarding centres. This can lead to a high amount of stress if your cat doesn’t cope away from familiar surroundings. We suggest leaving them at the boarding centre with a blanket or cushion they use at home. Don’t have one? We have a great range of designer cat rugs that your cat can get used to before Christmas.

Land of Meow - Lana Cat Blanket

Lana Cat Blanket 
This luxurious soft faux fur designer cat blanket is ideal for any space. Place it on the windowsill or sofa to create an ultra-comfy place to curl up on, or put it in your favourite designer cat travel carrier to add that extra touch of glamour and softness for your furball to snuggle into. Your cat will be the envy of others at the boarding centre!

Land of Meow - Unica Cat Blanket

Unica Fleece Blanket
This stunning fleece blanket is the perfect addition to any home and allows your cat to make any area of the house their own sleeping zone. Not too heavy, this designer cat blanket is great for travel and will help provide your cat with comfort no matter where they are.

Land of Meow - Lana Torre Cat Cushion

Lana Torre Cat Cushion
The gorgeous Lana Torre faux fur cushion with its thickly padded core will be a firm favourite with your cat. This designer cat cushion will create a lovely space for your furry friend to burrow into or add more luxury to your cats currently sleeping space. Easy to transport, your cat will sleep soundly with the comfort of their own smells if left at a boarding centre with them.

Travel at Christmas

Despite your cat being with you while you travel at Christmas, continually moving around to new and exciting places can take its toll on your fur ball. To prevent this from happening or to help ease your cat’s anxiety, is to make their travel routine familiar. The best way to do this is by using a quality designer cat carrier that is familiar to them.

Use the designer cat carrier a few times before leaving for your Christmas holidays and keep it somewhere accessible in your house for your cat to wander into and sleep in should they want to. If you’re not sure which carrier is right for you, we’ve made some suggestions below!

Land of Meow - SleepyPod Mini Cat Carrier

Sleepypod Cat Carrier
A cat lover’s favourite, the Sleepypod comes in a range of different colours, is washable, provides a 360-degree view for your cat, is lightweight and can convert into a stylish bed. The perfect 2 in 1 for a stress-free cat.

Land of Meow - Moshiqa Cat Carrier

Moshiqa Cat Travel Bag
All the luxury your cat deserves in a stylish leather bag with multiple viewpoints, a range of colours and antibacterial fabric. This designer cat carrier is a great option for owners who want a carrier that looks more like a handbag.

Land of Meow - Ibiyaya On the Go Cat Carrier

On The Go Cat Carrier
This chic designer cat carrier provides room to move and is a great option for families travelling with more than one furry member. It’s sturdy and lightweight with a generous airflow design allowing your cat to see the world on your travels while feeling safe.

Land of Meow - Ibiyaya Retro Bubble Cat Carrier

Retro Bubble Carrier
This is designer cat carrier is a dream come true with the transparent viewing window, ventilation mesh and dual access points. This carrier is sure to be noticed wherever you go, and it’s vegan friendly too. A great carrier for travelling with cats who want to see where they’re being taken to.

If you’re worried about your cat this Christmas holidays and want to know the best options to keep lovable ball of fur stress-free, send us an email and we would love to help you make the best decision for your cats requirements.