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As most of us continue to work at home due to Covid, it can be easier to decipher where in your home your cat spends most of its time. Apart from across your keyboard or lying on your lap, your cat may choose extremely inconvenient areas to sleep that isn’t their luxury cat bed.

Our cats love to find their own unique place to curl up and watch the world go by, and often you don’t have a choice on where in the house that is. This may be on the arm of a couch, the corner of a polished wooden floored room, or maybe it’s at the end of your bed.

Wherever it is, you’ll start to notice a little wear and tear in the area. This can be extremely annoying and can be costly if left untreated. Sometimes the simplest solution is often the best, and covering the area with a designer cat rug can lead to less damage and a happier cat.

Land of Meow offers a variety of cat rugs to keep your feline friend comfortable no matter where they’ve chosen to close their eyes. We compiled some of our recently asked questions together to help you decide on the best designer cat rug for your cat, or other solutions to frequent problems cat owners have discovered while working from home.

Being home a lot, I’ve noticed my cat sleeps on the armchair of the sofa, what should I do?

We get it! When this happens, your cat can tend to claw at the material, leaving scratch marks and ruined material. This can be fixed with a designer cat rug but depending on the climate and the type of cat you have, will determine the best designer cat rug for you.

The Lana Cat Blanket comes in three colours – grey, taupe and ivory. This divine looking cat rug is made from high grade faux fur and will not matt or shed. It can easily be placed on armchairs and window wills. It’s extremely soft, keeping your cat warm and comfortable throughout the day.

The Unica Sleep Blanket comes in four colours and is perfect as a throw at the end of a bed, on a sofa and for your cat’s favourite corner. Unica is made of a cotton blend, making it extra soft and perfect for kneading and snoozing. The blanket has a subtle melange look and can be machine washed. This designer cat rug is great for warmer houses and cats who like to claw while sleeping.

During Covid my cat has been clingier to me, what can I do to make them feel more comfortable away from me while I work?

We’re finding as more owners stay home, the clingier cats are becoming despite how sassy some of them previously were. Our suggestion is to move their cat bed to be closer to you and place a designer cat rug where their bed used to be.

If you don’t want to move their cat bed, we have gorgeous designer cat cushions that can be purchased and placed in a more central area of the home without being an eyesore.

The Lana Torre Cat Cushion is made from faux fur with a thickly padded core that can be remove. This cushion is a great middle ground for when a designer cat bed is too much, and a designer cat rug is not enough.

The team at Land of Meow is always here to chat and offer advice on products, especially during these unprecedented times!