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Land of Meow - LucyBalu Cat Scratcher

Scratching, although sometimes annoying, is a completely natural and necessary behaviour that cats perform daily. In fact, cats need to scratch!

Scratching helps your felines release stress, express their emotions, mark their scent, clean their nails and stretch out their bodies. However, the new plush sofa you just bought or the beautiful rug you’ve been eyeing out are not the best items for them to launch their nails into.

Instead, we suggest coaxing them to a new, more durable and convenient place to scratch and that is the designer wall-mounted Scratch Pad by LucyBalu.

Stunning with Sisal

The LucyBalu Scratch Pad is made from Sisal, a group of fibres extracted from the leaves of plants belonging to the agave family. Sisal is often a key component in the manufacturing of items such as matting, ropes and carpeting.

Why is Sisal so good?
1. It’s a strong, durable material that can stretch to allow for better architectural weaving.
2. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in Sisal production.
3. Sisal cultivation as a fibre crop does not cause environmental degradation.

This means it’s not only good for your home and cat, but also the environment too! You can feel guilt free with this beautiful designer cat product.

Delightfully Discreet

The LucyBalu Scratch Pad has been designed with decluttering in mind. It has a light, powder coated frame to allow for it to be easily affixed to any wall within the home.

Say goodbye to awkward scratch posts in the corner of your rooms and welcome a more tactile and sophisticated designer Scratch Pad into your little pet nook. Superbly slimline, the Scratch Pad is 60cm tall, 30cm wide and has a depth of 2.5cm, ensuring you can find empty wall space to fill it with.

Nice and Neutral

Not only is the LucyBalu Scratch Pad discreet, it’s also an interior designer’s dream luxury cat product. Offered in 4 neutral colours, the Scratch Pad was created to enhance the living space, not clutter it, while remaining hidden in plain sight.

No one really wants to look at a Scratch Pad or Post but blended into the style of other furniture and home décor in the room, allows it to become a masterpiece in itself. It can also help encourage your fabulous felines to stay away from furniture and items not meant for them!

You should be left without a doubt that the LucyBalu Scratch Pad is your next must have designer cat product for your home. Got questions? Puuuurfect, send us an email and we’d be happy to help.