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The longer you’re working from home, the more dependent and needy your cat may be becoming. They’ll also be growing more accustomed to your presence at home, so what happens when you go back to your normal routine?

We know some cats don’t care if you are around or not, however the ones that do will need distractions and entertainment. We’ve created a list of our top 3 luxury cat toys to keep your feline friend happy for many hours.

When choosing cat toys, you’ll need a combination of ones that you need to operate and ones that will keep your cat entertained on its own.

1. Topo Cat Toy

Land of Meow - MiaCara Topo Cat Toy

An oldie but a goodie, this toy is simple but effective, allowing your cat to chase after the item or ball on the end of the string for hours of entertainment. A great answer to this toy is the Topo Cat Toy from MiaCara with a pom pom made from real sheepskin and a leather lure. This product has a longer lifespan than basic store-bought toys with no composite stitching and an aluminium grip keeps the looped leather handle in place.

2. Cat Toy Ball

Land of Meow - MiaCara Filo Balls

A toy ball will have your cat running, jumping, fetching and clawing by themselves, leaving you to work in peace. The Filo Cat Toy Ball features a leather-braided mesh exterior providing your cat with a long-lasting toy, free of chemicals and plastics. Its unique shape engages your cat’s curiosity and natural instincts, while taking up little space in your home. It’s a win win!

3. Stuffed Toys

Land of Meow - The Collarist Cat Toy: Lion

Enrich the bond between yourself and your cat with a stuffed toy that engages both the physical and mental demand of your feline friend. Stuffed toys can take more effort than self-play cat toys, however the benefits far outweigh the time. This interactive play can build trust, relieve stress and ensure mental stimulation. These toys will often be in your kitten or cats’ mouth, so you’ll want to be certain of what they’re made of. We recommend The Collarist Cat Toy made from 100% eco-friendly wool, not to mention the fun and colourful designs!

Your cat deserves luxury cat products that have longer lifespans, safer materials and are both fun and easy to use. Let there be no more purchasing of plastic and unsustainable cat toys, rather feel proud in the luxury cat toys you’ve chosen to keep you 4-legged friend entertained and happy.