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Land of Meow - Anello Cat Bed with Cat

The quality of our sleep as humans is often dictated by the quality of our mattress and bedding. Have you ever had a pillow that was too flat or a mattress too lumpy, and you’ve woken up feeling as though you’ve fallen down a flight of stairs while you slept?

Well, the same can be said for cats. They too experience discomfort and without the correct bedding you may just find your furry friend curled up in your spot at night not wanting to budge. We’ve all been there!

Sleep deprived cats can become lethargic or irritable, while kittens need sleep to build their bones and muscles. Finding the perfect designer cat bed doesn’t have to be difficult and you can have your cat sleeping in luxury cat bedding in no time.


A massive part of deciding on the right designer cat bed for your kitten is knowing which materials to look for and how they improve the quality of your cats sleep.


Luckily for cats they’ve got fur and don’t need as much insulation in their bedding as you might expect. However, you will need to consider the colder Winter months when choosing a luxury cat bed. Siliconized hollow fibre made from 100% Polyester as found in the Capello Cat Bed is a great option, not only for its insulating warmth and breathability, but hollowfibre Polyester provides plush bedding that retains its shape.


Gone are the days of plastic and we welcome in more sustainable and natural options for our feline friends. Materials that are sustainable or from recycled objects and used in designer cat bedding, not only make you feel good about providing the best for your cat, but you’re doing your best for the earth too. The Perla Cat Cave is made from Rattan, a naturally renewable palm and is considered a sustainable resource from the forest. It’s extremely durable, providing a longer lifespan for your luxury cat bed.


As much as we love our cats, luxury cat bedding shouldn’t stink out the house with the smell of our pets. Having a designer cat bed that is washable will not only reduce cat odour within the house, but it will also ensure the bedding remains soft and plushy. The Covo Cat Cave can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth, while the fabric cover is removable and washable. The cushion filling itself is made from Polyurethane, which is a durable material that can also block moisture, making stain removal easier. Every aspect of your luxury cat bedding should be able to be washed in some way and should not contain materials that retain odour!

Size and Style

You know the materials you need to keep your eye out for when searching for the ultimate luxury cat bed for your best friend, but how do you know which style or size is the most suitable?

You’ve no doubt seen your cat sleep in a range of odd and peculiar positions, so ask yourself – is my cat a curler or a stretcher? Maybe they’re both! If your cat is a stretcher, measure your cat from its head to its back legs, and then from its toes to its back. Now add roughly 5cm for extra stretch in both measurements. The Anello Cat Basket doesn’t provide too much of a wall for your cat, allowing them to stretch if need be. If your cat is a curler then you won’t need to add the extra 5cm for length, and for the cats that curl all the time, The Cesto Cat Basket provides the ultimate luxury in warmth and comfort.

What to avoid in cat bedding

Wool – Wool is a massive fur magnet and subsequently will ensure the odour of your cat sticks to the bedding.

Plastic – Plastic tends to absorb the smell of strong odours such as pets. While the plastic bedding container may be okay for a little while, can you imagine if your cat is damp one day and the plastic starts to smell as such….NO THANK YOU!

Wood – When we say wood, we mean the entire base and walls of your cat bed. Yes, it looks slick and minimalist, but give it a moment and it’ll be covered in scratches and bite marks before you know it.

If all else fails and your cat decides even your most thoroughly researched designer cat bed is not good enough for their standards, then the most affordable luxury cat bedding is the cardboard box. Simple, timeless and easily replaceable….we’re joking of course.