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Not every mother has human children, many have fur children who are just as loved, cared for and protected as their human siblings. Land of Meow believe every kind of mother™ should feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day, so why not help the felines show their fur-mums a good time by purchasing a designer cat product that will help increase the important bond between owners and their furballs.

Do cats even rely on their owners?

A study by the Current Biology Journal found ‘the way domestic cats respond to their caregivers suggests the depth of their human attachments has been underestimated’. Often cats are seen as independent, sassy and could survive without their fur-mums, however, the study found ‘that cats bond in a way that is surprisingly similar to infants, with the majority of cats securely attached to their owner and use them as a source of security in a novel environment.’

Just like human children, these lovable furry family members also rely on their parents for survival and love. That deserves a little thanks with a luxury cat product for both owner and feline to enjoy!

How to strengthen the bond with your cat

Strengthening the bond with cats doesn’t have to be hard if you know your cat’s personality, likes and dislikes. This may take a year or so to understand, but with this information, bonds can be continually strengthened, leading to a happier and healthier life for both fur-mum and cat. Every kind of mother™ deserves a relationship with their children and this is the same for fur-mums as well.

Here are 5 fun ways bonds can be strengthened with fabulous felines.

  1. Spending one on one time together - This could mean separating yourself and them from other cats and family members in the house and having alone time together.
  1. Play time - Encouraging play time with toys that require both the owner and cat to use ensures mental stimulation and association to that feeling with the fur-mum. A designer cat product we would suggest for this is the LucyBalu Mint Ball with Catnip.
  1. Cuddles and comfort - Nothing is more satisfying than hearing the purr of a cat beneath your fingers. This is a sign of happiness and safety, which is what all cat owners aspire to represent in their furbabies lives.
  1. Brushing their fur in a relaxed state - This will improve the health of your cat by reducing furballs and matting of their coats. Some cats love the feeling of being gently brushed. However, paying attention to their body language is just as important and allows you to recognise when they’ve had enough.
  1. Give them treats every so often - By providing treats for your cat every so often, you’ll soon be associated as the one with the goodies. Be careful though, cats know how to get their way and love to demand more from their owners as the bond strengthens.

The perfect gift for a cat mum

Every kind of mother™ should be shown a little love this Mother’s Day no matter who or what their children are, because being a parent can be hard at times. Do you have a friend who is a fur-mum? Or maybe you have beautiful fur children, and you just want to treat yourself…we absolutely approve!

Here are our top 3 MUST HAVE Mother’s Day gifts.

  1. MiaCara Topo Luxury Cat Toy. Requiring the owner to hold the toy, this stunning designer cat product is made from real sheepskin with a leather lure. Topo is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last, ensuring strong bonding time for years to come.
  1. LucyBalu Sound Balls – Set of 3. Cats may not fetch, but fur-mums can keep encouraging play with these beautiful luxury cat toys. Handmade from 100% New Zealand felt wool the inner ball is filled with little bells that engage your cats’ sense of curiosity providing fun for both developing kittens, and cynical cats alike.
  1. Moshiqa Cat Travel Bag. Although this doesn’t encourage play, taking your cat with you on errands or out and about will strengthen your bond by spending quality time together. Made from quality soft calf skin leather in a range of lush colours, this bag is a must have for lovers of design.

Still not sure what to get for every kind of mother™ this Mother’s Day? Send us a message, we’d be happy to help.