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Posties and businesses across the world are doing their best to keep online shopping alive despite the many uphill battles they’ve faced. The bigger and further away a package is from its destination, the longer it will take to arrive. Some of Land of Meow’s more elaborate and luxurious cat products may take a while to get to you in the current climate, which is why we suggest starting your Christmas shopping now.

You may be thinking, “but it’s only September”, however, before you know it, it will be December and you’ll be wishing you started planning sooner! Which products do we suggest buying in advance we hear you ask! Check them out below.

Alto Climbing Wall

Land of Meow - MiaCara Alto Cat Wall

The Alto Climbing Wall combines the functions of a scratching post with the modern look of a wall shelf. The innovative piece of furniture fits seamlessly and space-savingly into the living room and offers your cat a varied climbing landscape.

There are many moving parts to the Alto Climbing Wall depending on your needs and how you plan to design the wall to suit your cat. The different parts may include shelves, houses, cushions, nests and extensions. The more accessories you’re planning to purchase for the wall, the more time you’ll need to ensure its arrival for Christmas.

Torre Cat Tree

Land of  Meow - MiaCara Torre Cat Tree

MiaCara’s designer luxury cat tree provides a modern multi-functional space for your feline that fits seamlessly in your contemporary interior. The Torre cat tree allows cats to indulge in their natural desire to climb and perch in an elevated position where they feel safe and secure.

Due to the sizing and demand of this luxury cat product, it’s advised to order in advance. The stylish curved plywood makes it harder to package down, and as we’ve seen recently, bulkier items take longer to arrive on your doorstep.

LucyBalu Scratch Pad

Land of Meow - LucyBalu Cat Scratcher

A must have item despite its size, the Scratch Pad from LucyBalu not only gives your cat the purrfect place to dig their little claws into, it’s also a stylish panel that can easily be affixed to a wide range of surfaces.

Lightweight and durable, the Scratch Pad stands at 60cm by 30cm allowing for flexibility within the home, but not so much on travel.

MiaCara Covo Cat Cave

Land of Meow - MiaCara Covo Cat Bed

Your cat will love feeling enclosed and safe within the MiaCara Covo Cat Cave. Made from bent plywood, the frame of the Covo is extremely strong and sturdy which makes it one of our bulkier items to post out to customers.

The bed offers the ultimate in style and comfort for your cat, while the striking circular form has real wow factor for design-lovers. A great gift for any feline owners this Christmas.

Sito Cat Litter Box

Land of Meow - MiaCara Sito Litter Box

Sleek and stylish, this isn’t just like any other litter box. Whilst other cat litter boxes are obvious in their functionality, the Sito Cat Litter Box is designed to blend into its surroundings. Its dimensions are L: 54.5 / W: 41 / H: 40.5 which means that although a sturdy box can be found to transport it in, its size does slow things down a little.

Despite this, the Sito Cat Litter Box is worth the wait with a compostable insert that is custom-made to fit the box, offering enough space for your cat to turn, scratch and take care of business, while keeping the litter neatly inside the box.

Want to know more about delivery times and ordering in advance? Send the team an email and we would be happy to help.