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Leaving your furchildren at home while you go to work can be extremely difficult, especially when they’ve been used to having you all to themselves at home for the past year. Making this transition of separation can be made easier with the right luxury cat products. No clawing at your furniture, meowing until your neighbours can’t take it anymore, or becoming miss sassy pants when you come home…..actually that last one might happen anyway!

LucyBalu Mint Ball with Catnip

Land of Meow - LucyBalu Mint Ball with Cat

Catnip is nature’s way of saying “I love Cats”. Purina One says, ‘the active ingredient nepetalactone, is an essential oil which alters the behaviour of domestic and other cat species.  Around half to two thirds of cats will respond to this oil. A typical response includes sniffing, chewing, licking, head shaking, followed by chin, cheek, and body rubbing’.

This beautiful handmade felt wool ball is extremely robust and can withstand any cat paws, with a refillable middle for catnip ensuring playtime again and again.

MiaCara Capello Cat Bed

Land of Meow - MiaCara Capello Cat Bed with Cat

Your feline will need a space they can feel safe when they curl up and go to sleep during the hours you’ll be away. Soft to the touch and even better to look at, this beautifully cosy cat bed will allow your furball to snuggle up all day long without feeling your absence.

The soft colouring of the beds two-tone aesthetic ensures it blends in with any room whilst the raised edges help to give a sense of comfort and security that all cats love. Machine washable and high-grade faux fur will ensure an odour free home with no matting or shedding of the bed either! It’s a win win.

Nose and Paw Felt Ball Trio

Land of Meow - Nose and Paw Felt Balls with Cat

Felt is the luxury material choice for 2021 in cat products, with designers Nose and Paw creating a delightful range of felt balls to keep your cat distracted on their own for hours. The natural texture of the felt will entice your cat to grab and throw the balls, which further encourages chasing and exercise.

This designer cat product is made from 100% wool, and coloured with AZO free dyes ensuring eco-friendly and non-toxic play. This safe choice for your cat’s health will help keep your mind at rest while you’re away from your furry loved one.

Do you have any tips or tricks to keep your kitten or cat distracted while you transition back to working in the office? We’d love to hear them! If you need advice on any of our products, please email the Land of Meow team, otherwise if your cat is showing signs of extreme anxiety, please consult your local vet.