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Land of Meow - Cat with Easter Eggs

Cats should be shown a little Easter love this year, so why not add a few luxury cat products to their Easter Basket with a pastel-coloured vibe? No doubt many devoted cat owners love to take a quick snapshot of their furry friend in some cute bunny ears for the gram, and this only deserves a treat for them being so patient with us!

So, what’s in the Land of Meow Easter Basket?

Go Green

All Easter Baskets created for our furry family members should start with a designer Cat Collar. The Linny baby green Cat Collar with a silver bell is a pastel must have for when your feline helps you search the gardens for chocolate goodies. Made from beautiful leather, you can’t go wrong with this taste of luxury.

I Heart You

While everyone else eats in celebration of Easter, let your cat join in on the fun with this Magisso Cooling Ceramic Pink Heart Cat Bowl. Keeping your cat’s food and water cool for hours, these bowls are not only beautiful, but also reduces bacterial growth and the smell of 'old cat food'. A delightful shade of pastel pink, this is a must-have for any Easter Basket.

Sounds of Easter Fun

Your cat may not be able to wear Easter pyjamas or participate directly in an Easter Egg hunt (not matter how hard they try), but they can definitely chase around the LucyBalu Sound Balls. Handmade from 100% New Zealand felt wool, the inner ball is filled with little bells that will keep your feline entertained for hours. While you’re rolling around on the floor from all the chocolate you’ve eaten, your cat will be rolling around with these tinkling balls of pastel joy.

Spy on the Easter Bunny

I spy with my little eye, something that begins with S! Your cat will keep a watchful eye of the Easter Bunny this year with the LucyBalu Cat Hammock Swing. The final item in your Easter Basket will allow your furry friend to both relax and keep watch over your home as you enjoy the Easter festivities, while avoiding the chaos too!

Need help with your luxury Easter Cat Basket this year? Send Land of Meow an email or follow the links to any of the products you saw in this blog.