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Purrfect Sustainability

“Sustainable” and “Eco-Friendly” are terms often used as buzzwords to grab a consumer’s attention, playing on our need to be more environmentally friendly. But how do you identify a sustainable product and what makes it sustainable?

Designer cat products can often seem unnecessary, when in fact they can be much more environmentally friendly than the usual mass-produced products you find at most chain stores.

What does sustainability mean?

‘For a product to be sustainable, it must be possible to produce and/or consume it in a way that doesn’t result in harm or destruction. If the production of a product requires non-renewable resources, damages the environment, or results in harm to individuals or society, it is unlikely to be considered sustainable.’

At Land of Meow, we search for designer cat products from across the world that contain sustainable materials that support both the social and environmental economies from which they are sourced. We pride ourselves on supplying stylish, quality and most importantly sustainable designer cat products that can be placed seamlessly into any home to create beautiful spaces shared by both cats and their humans.

Why is sustainability important?

Beyond the environment, sustainability is ensuring better socio-economic practice too, which includes considering worker treatment, fair allocation of revenues and profits, no use of child labour or conflict minerals.

Land of Meow personally visits each of our suppliers in Australia and overseas to ensure sustainable practice is used throughout the life cycle of the luxury cat products.

How to tell if a product is made from sustainable sources!

There are many ways to determine if a product is sustainable, however some are easier to spot than others. Below we’ve listed the easiest ways for cat lovers like yourself to determine if a designer cat product is sustainable enough for you.

  1. Quality

Are the materials used within the designer cat product manufactured using sustainable practices? Most of your luxury cat products that are will be labelled and highlighted as such. ‘The right materials and manufacturing processes can increase a product's durability, reducing the need for disposal and replacement.’

  1. Function and Efficiency

Will your luxury cat product need to be replaced often and do they do the job required of them? ‘Convenient and effective products are less likely to be replaced with competing products.’

  1. Appearance

Are you just purchasing the designer cat product for the sake of it, or will it serve a purpose in your home and for your cat? ‘If the look and feel of a product is part of a passing fad, it might be replaced even if it's durable.’

  1. Reuse and Recycle

Can your luxury cat product be transformed into something new at the end of their life cycle with you, or do they have recyclable materials? Check the material list of each product to see what can be disposed of sustainably.

If you’re unsure if your products are sustainable or want to know more about the sustainable practices of the designer cat products you’re interested in, then send the team an email and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

The future is purrfectly green and sustainable at Land of Meow!