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Space is a precious luxury often taken for granted within the home, and before too long there nothing left for the continuing accumulation of items coming into the household. What happens when cats need more furniture, or areas to jump, run and play? Where do their scratch posts go? Where is safe for them to hide and watch their surroundings?

You make use of walls.

You purchase items that double as both family and designer cat products.

You make those seemingly boring items, bold statement pieces instead.

You remove the clutter to make space for smaller, more efficient living and Land of Meow can show you how!

A stool or a litter box?

How annoying are stools and steps ladders! There’s just no perfect place to put them for both convenience and aesthetic. But what if your stool could be a 2 in 1 with a litter box? The Sito Cat Litter Box by MiaCara is made with an innovative aluminium casing, making it a sturdy step for those hard-to-reach places. No one really likes litter boxes, and with the annoyance of having to put away stools, this is the perfect solution for both problems. Whilst other cat litter boxes are obvious in their functionality, the Sito Cat Litter Box is designed to blend into its surrounds. This is clutter removal at its finest.

A shelf or a cat step?

Sometimes it feels as though there is just never enough storage or shelving within the home. It can also feel like you’re trying to jam little jungle gyms for your cats to play on into inconvenient areas of rooms throughout the house. Again, there is a perfect solution with the LucyBalu Cat Wall Stairs. The floating wall steps, available in Standard and XL, can be fixed at the place that suits you best. Change them around, make them available to your cat sometimes, and then other times use them for your own shelving. This will keep your cat guessing, while also keeping things off the floor and out of the way.

A place for your keys or your cat?

Walking through the door of most homes, you’ll often find a table and bowl to put your keys in. If there is a cat in the home, it’s also likely you’ll see various ensembles of cat trees in a room or two. What if a designer cat product could double as a place for your keys and cat? MiaCara’s designer luxury Cat Tree provides a modern multi-functional space for your feline that fits seamlessly in your contemporary interior. Standing at 110cm, it is the perfect height for both your needs and your cats. You could almost say this designer cat product is a triple threat, aiding in both climbing, scratching and a place for your key needs too.

Clutter or clever?

Scratch posts are up there when it comes to the most unpleasant objects to look at and place within a room. Save space and eyesores with the Scratchpad from LucyBalu, a wall affixed designer cat product perfect for reducing clutter within the home. With a thin powder coated frame and a large scratching surface made of agave sisal, an extremely robust material, the Scratchpad is both practical and sustainable. It will melt in seamlessly to your living environment and boost your cat’s wellbeing, as well as your own.

If you and your cat are struggling for space, contact Land of Meow for your 2 in 1 clutter removal solutions!