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Land of Meow - MiaCara Alto Cat Wall

The Alto Climbing Wall

This is not your traditional cat wall, nor is it a traditional bookshelf. It can however act as both, in the most sophisticated and stylish way for any cat owner’s home. The Alto is an innovatively high-quality, multifunctional piece of furniture that was designed by the renowned Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co exclusively for MiaCara. The Alto combines the functions of a scratching post with the modern look of a wall shelf. This stylish piece of furniture fits seamlessly and space-savingly into the living room and offers your cat a varied climbing landscape.

Functionality at its finest, the Alto has been designed with decluttering and interior décor in mind. Dress it up, or dress it down, as each part of The Alto can be repositioned and swapped out to create a unique piece suited to both you, your cat and your home.

Part 1 - Wall Mounting

The frame of the climbing wall is made of solid oak and is characterized by clear lines in a Scandinavian style design. This is the base of your Alto, and a must have if you want your piece to be safe and sturdy while attached to the wall. If your cat needs a little more adventure, you can add an Alto Wall Mounting Extension too.

Part 2 - Small and Large Shelving

Separately available shelf modules also offer space for books, decorations or cat accessories. This is what makes The Alto stand out from the crowd in luxury cat product design, it doesn’t serve just one purpose for either the furry family member or its humans, but collectively creates a space for both. The Small Shelf will fit across one half of the original Wall Mount, while the Large Shelf will fit across the entire original Wall Mount.

Part 3 – Nest

The perfect space for your cat to scratch until their heart’s content, The Alto Nest gives your cat a multi-functional space to explore their natural instincts. With the ability to sleep, scratch and have a high place from which to watch their surroundings, your feline will happily stay out of your way for hours at a time. Made from natural oak, the Nest is the perfect addition to your Alto Wall Mount. Need more scratch space for your little furry hunter? Add an Alto Scratch Panel!

Part 4 – House

A little hideaway from the rest of the world, The Alto House luxury cat product is a great way to avoid the eye sore of a cat bed usually placed in the middle of a living room. Position the House high or low, and this natural oak accessory to The Alto will provide both security and comfort for your cat.

Part 5 – Pillow

Not sure if you want a shelf for yourself or a bed for your cat? Just add a pillow to either the Large or Small Alto shelf as you feel like it! Made from either Hemp or Anthracite, you can’t go past these designer cat product pillows.

Want it all at once? We can do that too with the Land of Meow Alto Climbing Wall Bundle.