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We all know that awkward smile and high pitched thank you when we give someone a Christmas gift and suddenly realise, they really don’t like it at all. It’s not a nice feeling, so let’s prevent that from happening this year and say NO MORE to bad gift giving this Christmas. A Christmas gift card from Land of Meow will bring a smile to all your cat lover friends and doesn't require fighting against the crowds at shopping centres!

Benefits of a Gift Card

Christmas gift cards as presents can sometimes be perceived as lazy or careless, when it’s actually quite the opposite. Choosing a gift card at a specific store means you’ve taken the time as the gift giver to find a store they’ll love to browse through online. If you’re still not sure, we’ve created a list of benefits to help you make the decision.

1. You choose the amount

Having the option to choose the amount to gift someone gives you flexibility in your budget. Especially during Christmas time, Kris Kringles often have a max spend amount and it can be difficult reaching, or not trying to exceed such an amount.

2. Longevity

Gift cards have long expiry dates! There is no pressure for the gift receiver to go out and use it straight away. Sometimes it can be more beneficial for them to wait until they actually need something, for example a new cat bowl, than feeling like they have to use it straight away.

3. Easy to carry around

Christmas parties are great until you have a pile of gifts you need to carry to the car or on public transport. A Christmas gift card is the perfect size for a purse, taking up little room and is easy to carry around on the go.

4. Take the stress out of shopping

No more wandering the aisles at the local shopping centre or taking a trip to the city to find a super specific luxury item. The gift receiver can browse all from the comfort of their own home. You purchase it the same way too!

5. Share your passions and interests

Don’t use generic Gift Cards. Get more specific with the businesses you love and know your friends would enjoy supporting too. If you’ve got a friend or family member who loves their furballs as much as you, but they haven’t heard about Land of Meow, then this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your passion for your cats.

Suggestions in a Christmas Card

For whatever amount you set on the gift card, make it more personal by adding a Christmas Card with a list of suggestions you think they’d love to browse through. Here are some of our favourites which you can list for your friends or family members too this Christmas!

A great option to suggest may be a stylish cat carrier! Generally, most owners will have a normal store bought metal one but treating themselves to a designer carrier is a special Christmas gift. We have a great range of carriers to suit all size cats and styles for cat owners.

Cat toys are a great way to keep cats happy, healthy and mentally active. We know cat owners deeply appreciate any more time that they can spend with their balls of fur, which is why any toy that requires participation from the owner is a good option to suggest.

The team at Land of Meow wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!