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Cats – we love them for their personalities, their beauty and their companionship, and just like all beautiful things they come with a price tag. Sometimes that price is like finding your perfect blue jumper in the sale bin and seeing the swing tag read out $5.99. At other times its like seeing the most beautiful dress in a Rodeo Drive window and knowing that you need to lock in a saving plan to make that dream come true. As the famous saying goes “the heart wants what the heart wants”, and whether it is the dress of your dreams, or the cat of your heart, we hope you enjoy this list of the top 26 most expensive cats in the world, and don’t blame us if you fall in love.

Over the next four weeks we will work our way up the list to the most expensive breed, but let's start with the 6 cats that come in at the lower end and all tie at the USD$800 mark.

The Korat - $800

The Korat breed comes from Thailand where it is also known as SiSawat. The Thai’s consider the Korat a ‘good luck’ cat and will often give them as gifts to people they consider worthy. Purebred cats in Thailand are extremely rare and importing them into other countries very difficult. Some breeding pairs have been relocated to other countries around the world, and as they have never been crossed with other breeds they are one of the few remaining pure breeds in the world today, but their rarity has kept them under the radar of most people.

Land of Meow - Korat

Korats are similar in appearance to the Russian Blue with their silver tipped blue fur, but their peridot green eyes (kittens are born with amber eyes) make them easy to distinguish apart. And although they are small, they are heavily muscled and weigh more than expected. This cat is also a playful and highly intelligent feline that loves to play fetch and is easy to walk on a lead. The Korat forms strong bonds with its human and absolutely loves being cuddled and close to them.

Land of Meow - Peridot GemPeridot Gem

The Norwegian Forest Cat - $800

This stunning cat originates from Scandinavia and is a very old breed. Often mentioned in Norse legend as the fairy cat or in Scandinavian fairy tales as the troll cat, it is believed to have originated from the short hair cats brought to Great Britain by the Vikings. This origin from the cold north of Scandinavia has led the breed to develop a double coat which keeps out the wind and snow and is also quick drying. The Norwegian cat is an elegant breed with gorgeous ear tufts and lovely coat markings.

Land of Meow - Norwegian Forest Cat Land of Meow - Gucci Gloves

Gucci Snow White gloves also $800 and available at Net-a-Porter

The Ocicat - $800

A happy accident that resulted from a surprise cross between an Abyssinian male and a seal point Siamese female by a breeder in Michigan, they are a beautiful cat with striking markings on their fur, tall pointed ears and long slender tails. Graceful, swift runners who need a lot of activity, Ocicats are highly sociable and get along well with strangers, dogs and other cats.

Ocicats view humans as equals that they can chat and share companionship with. Often called the smartest cat in the room, they relish the chance to use their brains and want nothing more than to be in the same vicinity as their human ‘peers’. They adore being on the lap and carried around and are the perfect cat for humans who love a cuddly cat.

Land of Meow - Ocicat
Selkirk Rex - $800

Owners of a distinctive and dense coat which consists of 3 layers of highly curled hair, the Selkirk Rex is distinct from all other Rex breeds. Its hair is of normal length, and not partly missing, and the coat is very soft with a thick woolly look which needs surprisingly less maintenance than expected. They are laid back with a cuddly nature and gentle playfulness they are known to be good with children and tolerant of being handled and held.

Land of Meow - Selkirk Rex

Land of Meow - Pompous Albert

Social media star Pompous Albert. The most famous Selkirk Rex cat with over 135,000 Instagram followers. Sure to be worth much more than $800!

Siamese Cat - $800

“We are Sia-mese if you please…, we are Sia-mese if you don’t please”. Despite their personality being portrayed as cunning and malicious in Disney's “The Lady and The Tramp”, Siamese cats are actually friendly, sociable and very affectionate in nature. They are another old breed originating from Thailand where they were treasured by the royal family where they carried out the sacred duty of guarding the royal goblets. Often featured in movies they are a beautiful looking cat with a super special ability.

Land of Meow - Siamese

Siamese cats have a modifier gene that alters the cat's colouring in response to temperature. In warm environments a Siamese cats fur coat is completely white, but in colder temperatures it will turn black. Because a cats body is cooler around the nose, paws, ears and tail these area’s will often darken unless the cat is living in a tropical environment.

American Short Hair - $800

The American Short Hair came over, literally, on the Mayflower. Carried onboard ships to protect grain stores from rats and mice, the cats were a valuable contribution to the journey and well loved. Landing in the New World the cat has thrived and kept its pact with humans by continuing its protection of grain and other stores for farmers, shopkeepers and householders alike. The shorthairs are a solid, hard working stock that were well suited to the tough conditions that the pioneers faced in setting up their new life. Adaptable and good natured, this cat is a favourite family companion with a calm temperament that is great with children.

Land of Meow - American Short Hair

Next week we’ll move up the $$$ scale and look at the next band of gorgeous, cuddly, lovable and totally spoil worthy cats.


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