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If you read part one of our blog on the Worlds Most Expensive Cat Breeds, we’re sure you would have seen some gorgeous kitties. Like most things in life, items of rarity and purity cost more, and when it comes to love its impossible to put a price tag on your pet. The joy of their company brings light to your day, and if you are lucky enough to be sharing your life with one of the amazing breeds in this week’s blog, we would love you to share a post of them so that we can join you in celebrating their beauty.

This week we will be exploring breeds that cost between USD$1,200 and USD$2,000. We hope that you enjoy this little peek into their personalities.

American Wirehair - $1,200

The American Wirehair came from a spontaneous mutation in a litter of cats from New York in 1966. These types of mutations are uncommon but not necessarily rare and happen when two ordinary cats mate, and the resulting kitten it totally different from its parents. The most interesting aspect of the American Wirehair is that this mutation has not yet appeared in any other countries and therefore makes it especially unique, and 100% American.

Land of Meow - American Wirehair

As the name suggests the American Wirehair is born with a springy, wiry coat which also includes its ear fur and even springy looking whiskers. How cute! Similar to the American Shorthair, the Wirehairs have an even, balanced temperament with a gentle and quiet personality. They also prefer the indoors over being outside, which anyone with a crimped hairstyle can appreciate. They really are a gorgeous cat and incredibly popular in Germany.

American Curl - $1,300

If you love curls, then you’ll love the American Curl. This cat is blessed with the cutest little ears you will ever see. Like most other cats with unique attributes, the ears are the result of a spontaneous mutation. First appearing in California in 1981 they are found around the world (and a few of us here at Land of Meow have even seem them on the streets of Spain enjoying time with their humans).

They are a lovable and physically affectionate cat that really enjoys a good loving headbutt, and are perfect for those who are looking for a cuddle buddy.

Land of Meow - American Curl
Land of Meow - Burberry Bag

Of course, if it’s just the colouring you like you can always pick up this lovely Burberry handbag for the same price.

Ragdoll - $1,300

Ragdolls. Beautiful, friendly and lovers of being loved. The Ragdoll lives to be held and adored which suits its humans just fine. In fact, anything that humans do the Ragdoll cat wants to be part of it. Playing fetch, walking on a leash and snuggle time, lots of snuggle time, is the perfect way to this kitty’s heart. With its gorgeous silky hair and blue eyes, it is one of the most stunning looking cats around and its quiet, gentle voice mimics its sweet nature. Friends to both children and cats, the Ragdoll is a great addition to a family and well worth the cost of bringing it into your home.

Land of Meow - Ragdoll Cat Land of Meow - Ragdoll and Child
British Shorthair - $1,500

The British Shorthair is the teddy bear of cats. With their stocky body and smooshable round face it’s hard to stop cuddling them. They have a lovely quiet and mellow temperament and are incredibly loyal to their humans, happily following them around the house. Wherever you sit, they sit, what’s not to love! The breed has come up from a rough start making them a self-sufficient cat so if you work long hours, the British Shorthair is quite capable of looking after itself.

Land of Meow - British Shorthair

Well suited to a family, they get along easily with children, other cats and friendly dogs making them ideal for first time cat owner.

 If you want to see more of this lovely British Shorthair head over to evie.and.ralph and check out their Instagram feed.

Egyptian Mau - $1,500

The ancient Egyptians were well known worshippers of cats. In fact, in the “Book of the Dead”, Ra, the Sun God, is portrayed as a Tabby cat much like the Egyptian Mau, complete with a “scarab beetle” or “M” marking on the forehead.

The Mau’s most striking characteristic is its spotted coat and large green eyes. They are a smart breed that learns quickly but are cautious of strangers and will often adopt a single person in the family to be their favourite. They are also an athletic cat. In fact, they are the fastest of the domestic cats, so plenty of opportunity and room to jump and run is needed. It’s not a cat suited to living in an apartment or small house and will act out if confined for too long.

Friendly and loyal they are perfect for an active household that enjoys including the cat in their adventures.

Land of Meow - Egyptian Mau
Siberian Forest Cat - $1,600

The Siberian Forest Cat is the national cat of Russia and just as the environment demands, it is a large, strong cat which is noted for its agility. A friendly and affectionate cat, it loves humans, and not just their own but all humans. This cat plays well with children, other pets, strangers and even water. With a Siberian Forest Cat in the house you’ll never be bored.

Land of Meow - Siberian Forest Cats

The Siberian Forest cat is also incredibly intelligent and works with its humans to create a harmonious family unit. In Barnaul, Siberia, is a couple of Russian farmers who have numerous Siberian Forest Cats living on their farm. The cats protect the chickens and rabbits from mice, rats and other vermin in payment for lodgings in the barn. Alla Lebedeva proudly posts many of the cats on her YouTube channel. Pop on over for your dose of gorgeous cuteness!

Elf Cat - $2,000

The Elf Cat is the new kitty on the block, originating from a cross between a Sphynx and an American Curl. With a similar body to the Sphynx, it has more skin ‘wrinkles’ especially around the shoulders, ears and muzzle, but this extremely rare cat stands out from the crowd due to its delicately curled ears.

Bred to retain the best qualities of its parents, the Elf Cat is intelligent, friendly, outgoing and extremely affectionate. A loyal cat with an active and curious mind, they adapt easily and get along with other animals very well, which is great since the Elf Cat likes company and if you tend to be away from the house a lot it's best to get them a buddy for companionship.

Land of Meow - Princess Arwen ElvesMaybe the Elf Cat would be the perfect cat for Princess Arwyn ~lol~

Land of Meow - Elf Cat
La Perm - $2,000

If you want a cat that is full of mischief and will make you laugh then the La Perm cat is for you. A small and undeniably cute cat with a lovely curly coat, they are a clever breed often described as clownish and something of a mischief maker. They know to use their paws in much the same way a human would, and are adept at opening doors, swiping things and will even tap you on the shoulder when it wants to get your attention. Whilst not a clingy cat, the La Perm does like to be around its humans. Moderately active, it will retrieve items in games of fetch as long as they don’t last for too long. Quiet of voice, gently and patient, they get along well with humans but need to be socialised as kittens to accept other cats.

Land of Meow - La Perm Cat

Land of Meow - MiaCara Sherpa Cat Bed

Sherpa Luxury Cat Bed – USD$120

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