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Yay! Part 3 of our series on the world's most expensive cat breeds is ready to read, and we have some gorgeous kitties to share with you this week. But before you read this blog, we would like to share a short statement with you.

Land of Meow is a retail store selling luxury cat products. In most things we believe that the way you choose to raise and spoil your cat is for you to decide upon. It is dependent on the environment and financial status of each pet owner to provide the love and nurturing their pet needs. However, we would like to draw your attention to the plight of Scottish Fold cats. Breeding issues in this cat are not always well known and we hope that our short article today will help shine a light on an issue that is often hidden behind one of the cutest faces of the feline world.

Scottish Fold - $3,000

The Scottish Fold tends to bring out a “love at first site” instinct in most humans. With their adorable faces and cute demeanour, the desire to pick them up for a cuddle is particularly strong.

However, whilst this cat's price tag matches its desirability, the ethics around the continued breeding of this cat should be a reason to pause before buying.

Land of Meow - Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold originated from a domestic cat with a gene mutation that affects the cartilage throughout its body, which is the reason that it’s ears “fold” forward. In the early 1990’s a group of Australian veterinarians demonstrated convincingly that all Scottish Fold cats have abnormal bone development of their distal limbs. This work has been confirmed by Japanese, Korean, European and American vets. What does this mean? It means that the mutant gene will always cause early onset arthritis in these cats wherever cartilage is present - ankles, tail joints, hips - leading to a life of pain purely so that humans can enjoy the look of its folded ears.

In many areas of the world the breeding of Scottish Folds has now been banned, however there is a lack of awareness of this issue within the general public. We hope that you share this information with love and not judgement to other cat owners as many people purchase a cat out of love, who we’re sure would be heartbroken to know that they have supported a painful breeding program.

For more information, refer to

Russian Blue - $3,000
Land of Meow - Lady Stellar

Gentle, loving and loyal, the Russian Blue is not the result of selective mating but one of the natural breeds from Europe.

The Blues are very social creatures who will follow their owner everywhere, even out the front door and down the street if you let them! A breed known for its lovely smile, they are long and slender with large ears and brilliant green eyes with a regal appearance.

Highly intelligent cats, they need both physical and mental stimulation, so it is a good idea to stock up on cat toys and if possible, leash train for walking. It is a very healthy breed that lives for a long time and is a great cat for a family.

Pictured here is one of our favourite Russian Blue cats: Lady Stellar wearing a Moshiqa Dark Beige collar with Gold Hardware. You can find out more about her in the The Catwalk section of our website.

Sphynx - $3,000

The gorgeous Sphynx. A short time ago we did a whole blog devoted to this lovely cat which you can read here if you missed it and want to know more than the short piece written here.

Sphynx lovers in both Europe and America have bred the Sphynx cat with normal coated cats and bred them once again back to hairless cats for more than forty years. The reason for this breeding pattern was to create a genetically sound cat with a large gene pool and hybrid vigour which ensured a healthy and strong breed. Yay!

As the Sphynx doesn’t have any hair it can be prone to sunburn, but that doesn’t meant you should keep them out of the sun entirely or over compensate by covering them in sun cream. All cats like to relax in a pool of sunlight and a little bit is fine. Just be aware that on days when the sun is especially strong you should keep any eye on them and move them into a cooler area if need be. On the flip side, in the winter you should invest in a few woollen vests to ensure that your kitty can keep warm and cosy. Whilst they have a higher body temperature than other cats, the lack of hair makes it harder for them to maintain their core heat so a bit of help is always appreciated.
Land of Meow - Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx is a great cat for a family or first time cat owner as it’s well behaved, happy to be bathed (essential for a Sphynx due to its oil secretion), plays well with others and is a very loving cat.

If you’re thinking of getting a cat you should definitely give the Sphynx a closer look – as they say, you shouldn’t judge a cat by it’s fur!

Maine Coon - $3,500

Big, beautiful and full of life is the best way to describe the Maine Coon. An intelligent, gentle and playful breed that’s popular with families, they are also the largest domesticated cat breed. But don’t let its size fool you, this cat is athletic and pretty much the all-terrain vehicle of the cat world. Their large bushy tail is used in winter (think heavy snow winter) wrapped around their face and shoulders for warmth, or even curled underneath their butt to create a nice warm cushion to sit on and their large paws make it easy for them to walk on snow in a similar way that snowshoes work. The Maine Coons paws are especially special. Some of the breed have polydactyl paws – poly what? I hear you say. Polydactyl paws have a few extra toes and cats with this trait, paired together with their dense water-resistant fur, make the perfect companion for sea going folk. In fact they call them sea-furrers. Cute hey.

Land of Meow - Maine Coon

As we noted earlier this is a very intelligent breed. So much so that deaf sailor Paul Thompson has a Maine Coon cat called Skatty who realising that his human is deaf has taken it upon himself to let Paul know when other boats are nearby, people are at his door or even when he gets a text message. And with his fancy polydactyl paws Skatty is great at grabbing and climbing around on board. We love Skatty and we’re sure you will too. If you want to read more about him pop over to this article for a dose of Maine Coon love, Paul and Skatty at Sea.

Persian - $5,500
Land of Meow - Persian Cat

The Persian cat, also known as the Persian Long Hair, originated from Iran (historically known as Persia) around 1620. This makes them one of the oldest breeds on record. Some breeders have interbred to strengthen a mutation that causes there faces to be flat with all features in vertical alignment, and like the Scottish Fold this has caused serious health issues, however most modern breeders steer away from this over-accentuation and breed the traditional “doll face” types that are absolutely adorable.

This is a cat that is generally relaxed and easy going, but they do not play well with loud children or other pets. They also need a lot of love and attention on their long coats but its definitely worth it.

They are most suited to a quiet household where they rule without competition just as their discriminating royal heritage demands.

Peterbald - $5,500
Land of Meow - Peterbald Cat

The Peterbald cat might look like the Sphynx but it has quite distinct differences. Unlike the Sphynx which has a light down on its body, the Peterbald is totally hairless, and we mean totally. No whiskers or eyebrows, and the skin has a slightly sticky feel to the touch; some have described this as being a bit like chamois leather. Originating from Russia, the Peterbald needs higher levels of attention to its hygiene. It may not have any hair but as their body creates excess oil it needs, weekly bathing sessions are needed to keep the oil secretion under control and the body odour that accompanies it. But these attentions are a small price to pay for the loyalty and devotion that Peterbalds show to their humans. You will never be able to do any wrong in this cat's eyes and the term “unconditional love” could have been invented to describe them.

Like the Sphynx they get along well with other animals – cats, children, strangers, etc. and have outgoing and trusting natures. Athletic and bold, they love stimulation in both physical and mental exercises, and given the chance will excitedly show you any new, or old, tricks that it might have learnt. This is a beautiful cat that will bring joy to any home.

If you’re still not sure about which cat you love the most but have a spare $6,000 lying around – because who doesn’t – then maybe something beautiful from Chanel, the spiritual home of Karl Lagerfeld the most famous of cat daddy’s, would suit you.

Land of Meow - Chanel Dress Land of Meow - Chanel Jacket
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