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Part 4, and the final part, of our blog on the World’s Most Expensive Cats is here. We have learnt so much during this process and we hope you have as well. There are many beautiful cats in the world and it’s been a joy to learn more about the ones that we have featured over the past month. If you own any of the cats we are featuring this week we would love to hear from you. They are such rare kitties and we are keen to learn more about living with such lovely creatures.

Khao Manee - $11,000
Land of Meow - Khao Manee

The Khao Manee is another rare breed of cat that originated from Thailand. So many cats seem to originate from this area that we are starting to feel that it might be the “cradle of life” for cats. Pure white with a short, close-lying coat, they are a muscular and athletic cat. Whilst many of the variety have either blue or gold eyes, there is also a strong strain of Khao Manee cats that have one eye of each colour, with these being the most expensive of the breed.

The name Khao Manee translates to ‘white gem’ and they are definitely a cat that is prized as much as jewellery. They are affectionate, sociable cats who are known to be very ‘chatty’ and will spoil their human with attention and conversation. Featured in the Tamra Maew, a book of Thai poems from the year 1350, they are a long lived, healthy and naturally occurring breed. This means that the hearing issues that often plague cats with white fur from breeding programs don’t occur in the Khao Manee.

Trivia: Did you know that the birthstones for November are Citrine and Blue topaz which match the eyes of the Khao Manee perfectly!

Land of Meow - Gems
Bengal - $25,000

Bengal cats were created from a pairing between the Asian Leopard and the Egyptian Mau. Back crossing to domestic cats was then done creating a healthy and domesticated cat which retained the wild, high contrast coat of the Leopard. First generation crossbreeds (also known as filial 1 hybrid) are banned in many places throughout the world as they are still designated as wild animals, but Bengals with at least 4 generations or more from the Asian leopard are now kept as pets by many cat lovers and celebrities.

Land of Meow - Bengal Cat Land of Meow - Bengal Cat 2

Bengals are highly intelligent with very good memories. This makes them an easy cat to train, but it also means that they remember negative experiences. For example if your Bengal gets trapped somewhere or you do something to upset it, it can take weeks for the cat to re-enter the space where it was trapped or forgive you for your human mistake! Their intelligence also makes them good at learning tricks such as opening doors, flicking light switches and giving high fives (or high fours in this case).   A chatty breed that loves water and all things outdoor this is the perfect cat for a harness and a hike and fit well into any family dynamic.

Savannah - $50,000
Land of Meow - Savannah cat

The Savannah cat is the largest, and most expensive domesticated cat breed in the world. Its exotic appearance is due to a number of distinguishing features which include: deeply cupped, rounded and erect ears, very long legs, hooded eyes and a short, black tipped tail.

A cat with a playful personality, adventurous and loyal, it loves to play in water and is easy to walk on a leash. Whilst these cats have a mild temperament and are a great addition to a family, they do retain strong hunting instincts so aren’t always suitable for homes that also have small prey pets such as hamsters and birds. A healthy breed they are banned in places such as Australia due to their strong hunting instincts and the fear that if a wild population becomes established it would decimate local wildlife.

At one time a cat breed by the name of “Asheera” or “Allerca”, which was touted as a cross between an Asian Leopard and an African Serval was available for around $150,000, however the breeder “Lifestyle Pets” was found to be a fraudulent endeavour with the cats being sold simply Savannah Cats under a different name.

So the Savannah cat holds the title for being the Worlds Most Expensive Cat and at a cost of USD$50,000 its likely to be found in the households of only a select few where we are sure it is treated with absolute luxury.

No matter what sort of cat you own a little luxury can be brought into every household. Be sure to checkout our site for Everything Your Cat Desires!

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