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Land of Meow - Perla Cat Bed

Most cat owners love to spoil their furball, and what displays more love for them than buying a new designer cat bed? It sounds puuurfect right? But how do you know which luxury cat bed is the right one for your furry family member? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner too, we’ve created the top 5 things you need to consider when buying a cat bed to show your felines how much you love them.

1. Get your Sizing Right

Believe it or not, a cat bed should not be a one size fits all. Too big and your cat may not feel safe while sleeping. Too small and they won’t be able to stretch out when required causing harm or an unhappy kitty… and you know how that goes; hello sassy pants.

Any good cat bed should come in multiple sizes, allowing you to pick the correct size to fit both your cat and your home space. If there is only one size to choose from, the website should clearly state the dimensions to allow you to make an informed decision.

2. Say No to Odour

Your home should be a welcoming space for guests and family members; however, nothing makes a room more uncomfortable than an unpleasant odour because of your cat. When choosing a designer cat bed, ensure the material has a combination of being machine washable, durable, breathable and it won't retain odour.

Designer cat beds made from wood and wool provide a more luxury experience, repelling odour and are easily cleaned.

3. Everything is Better Eco Friendly

Luxury and sustainability don't usually go together, however, Land of Meow have a great range of designer cat beds that are made from eco-friendly materials. What’s so great about sustainable designer products? You’re showing both your cat and the earth some love, not to mention how stylish the new bed will look in your home.

4. Hooray for Home Decor

Anyone can purchase standard old cat bedding, but nothing says style like a designer cat bed that fits into the design of your home decor. Purchasing a luxury cat bed that uses neutral colours or natural materials is more likely to give your home a seamless look, rather than having your cat bed look like it's the odd item out.

5. Do you know your cat?

Does your cat prefer baskets or caves? High off the ground or low and underneath your furniture? This will have a significant impact on the style of designer cat bed you buy. These luxury cat beds are an investment for the betterment of your furballs, improving their overall wellbeing and ensuring they have a space they can feel safe and happy in.

The Land of Meow bedding range includes a variety of designer cat beds that fit multiple requirements included in these 5 tips. Whether it’s a natural rattan bed cave, or a soft woollen basket, you’ll find the finest quality cat beds from designers across the world.

Be assured that no matter which bed you choose to show your love with, each has been specifically sourced for their superior craftsmanship and quality materials. Find the full range here or email the team at Land of Meow if you have any questions regarding these top 5 tips.