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Gone are the days of the ugly plastic carrier and we welcome in a new era of stylish and sophisticated carriers for cats who deserve the best of the best. Carriers for the most part used to be clunky, hard to travel with and were an eye sore in a crowd. As Cat owners, we know most felines don’t enjoy the lead, so the thought of bringing our furry friend, even to the local café, seemed a near impossible and daunting task.

Sure, we could bring them along in the ugly grey and navy-blue carrier we have tucked away in the cupboard, but wouldn’t it be nicer to pop them in something easier to carry and more fashion friendly like our handbag? Don’t get us wrong, we know Cats aren’t accessories, but that doesn’t mean our Cats can’t accessorise!

Designer Cat Carriers are a great alternative to the usual pet store bought carriers purchased when your best friend was just a Kitten.

What are Designer Cat Carriers Good For?

Stress: Of all the pet products on your list to get when looking for a new furry friend, Carriers tend to be a last-minute thought, with little consideration given to the emotional state your Cat might feel when being transported in one. Instead, your Designer Cat Carriers can often lead to less stress for your cat. Leave the clunky Carrier for the vet and let your cat travel without the worry of poking, prodding and needles with a more versatile and friendly product that isn’t associated with sickness or fear.

Travel: Have you ever had to carry a normal pet store-bought carrier in a crowd? If you answered no, then we’re jealous! They stick out and if you’re not completely aware of your surroundings, they tend to knock into people and things. Often owners will manoeuvre the carrier in front of themselves to avoid this, however this can become awkward or if you drop the carrier too low, you hit your knees. Designer Cat Carriers are created to ensure travel is easier, acting much like an extension of your daily wear like a handbag.

Fashion: You want to meet your friends for lunch, but you also don’t want to leave your cat at home, Designer Cat Carriers make this a seamless task and can be matched to most outfits. Designer Cat Carriers usually come in a variety of colours not generally provided by traditional pet store carriers, allowing the Designer Cat Carrier to be an added accessory for your day.

What should you look for in a Designer Cat Carrier?

Quality: The quality of the materials used to make your cat carrier is everything. You don’t want to be spending your hard-earned money if the carrier hasn’t been built to last. You want to be looking for a combination of:

  • Washable Material
  • Luggage Grade
  • Waterproof
  • Leather
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Ventilation

Design: Your cat should be able to lie down, stand up and turn around comfortably in a carrier. The size of the carrier will be determined by the size of your cat, however, be aware of the following when choosing a carrier that’s right for you:

  • Include the weight of the carrier with the weight of your cat to make sure it will be comfortable for you to carry combined
  • Your cat has atleast one look out point
  • The straps and Handles are comfortable and placed in optimal positions
  • Will remain standing on hard surfaces

Colour: This is the best part! Have fun when picking out a colour to ensure it will match with multiple outfit combinations you own. This will ensure your carrier becomes not only a necessity but also an accessory.

What types of Designer Carriers are there?

Land of Meow - SleepyPod Carrier with CatSleepypod Cat Carrier

A cat lover’s favourite, the Sleepypod comes in a range of different colours, is washable, provides a 360-degree view for your cat, is lightweight and can convert into a stylish bed.

Land of Meow - Hartman and Rose CarrierHartman and Rose Leather Travel Bag

This sophisticated leather carrier has been designed with care and consideration for your cat, providing a spacious and comfortable interior with an external side pocket for extra convenience.

Land of Meow - Moshiqa Cat Carrier with CatMoshiqa Cat Travel Bag

All the luxury your cat deserves in a stylish leather bag with multiple viewpoints, a range of colours and antibacterial fabric.

Land of Meow - MiaCara Tosca Cat CarrierTosca Cat Travel Bag

The ultimate tote-style pet carrier, this gorgeous travel bag will leave other cat owners jealous with its simplistic luxury, suede leather, ventilation design and flexibility.

If you’re still not sure what Carrier is right for your Cat, talk to our experts at Land of Meow and they’ll be sure to help point you in the right direction.