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Ironically, animals are tested to ensure products are safe for human use and consumption, while little is done to ensure the safety of our own pets. Our cats are our family and I’m sure like us, you want the best for your furbaby.

This month we discuss the benefits of using natural and chemical free products in designer Cat Accessories.

What buzz words to look for in Designer Cat Accessories

Eco-Friendly: When you see the words ‘Eco-Friendly’ attached to an accessory, be sure to check it’s 100% eco-friendly. When designer Cat Accessories have that tag, you can be assured the product has no hidden nasties that your cat might be munching on. The Collarist Cat Toys are made from 100% Eco-Friendly wool and has been hand made. Designer Cat Accessories and Toys that are eco-friendly and hand made have an extra tick from us as each toy has been individually scrutinised.

Sustainable: Sustainable products, especially in designer Cat Accessories suggest the materials have been derived from renewable resources. These naturally sustainable resources are safer for your cats than mass manufactured accessories. The Perla Cat Cave is made from Rattan, a naturally renewable palm and is considered a sustainable resource from the forest. When you see ‘Sustainable’, be sure to check its ‘naturally’ sustainable.

What to avoid in Cat Accessories

Paints and Dyes: Paints and Dyes often feature chemicals such as lead, which are extremely poisonous to cats.

Synthetic Materials: Manufactured products from a variety of chemical components are likely to have hidden nasties that can slowly affect the long life of your feline friends. It is sometimes unavoidable that your cat ingests parts of their toys, bedding, or scratch posts.

Cleaning Products: Be careful when cleaning your cat toys! Designer Cat Accessories and Toys can be completely safe for your cat, however, if you start to clean them with general cleaning products, you can unintentionally make your cat sick.

Why should you be worried about chemicals

Like us, cats still face many health concerns, and these can be exacerbated with the addition of chemicals in small doses over a long time. Cats interact with toys in a way that increases their exposure to toxic chemicals, such as by carrying toys in their mouths or chewing on toys for hours at a time. The mechanical pressure of chewing, plus a good amount of slobber, and some heat from breath and friction, all contribute to increased leaching of chemicals from items that can be chewed on (Reference).

If you’re concerned about the materials in one of our products or want more information, please email us today!