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Our cats deserve the best when it comes to mealtimes and having two separate bowls for wet and dry food can make all the difference to both you and your cats’ lives. Cats can be picky, we all know this, so by separating the wet and dry food into two bowls, you’re providing your furry friend with the variety they need.

This also allows you to easily throw out the wet cat food that’s been out for too long and begun to smell, without having to waste the dry food your cat may return to eat later that day. So which designer cat bowls are the best for your cat to use?

Feed Bars

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The CatBar Feedbowls provide a sophisticated elegance to feeding times for your cat. These luxury cat bowls are perfect for bigger cats who would usually need to bend down lower to eat, while allowing your cat to have a separate dish for each type of food. Each dish pops out easily from the stand, with slip proof rubber feet preventing any danger from the stand tipping over.

For owners with homes that contain wooden features or furniture, the CatBar Feedbowls will blend seamlessly into the décor, ensuring a luxury feel to the simplest of items. Along with its minimalistic appeal, the CatBar Feedbowl is made from real wood and porcelain shells, ensuring quality and longevity for your designer cat bowl.

Feed Bowls

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Any cat owner can buy a bowl and call it a day, but the best cat owners look for designer cat bowls that are made from quality materials that won’t retain odour, are easy to wash and suit the décor of the home. The Cooling Ceramic range of cat bowls ticks off all these must have aspects of luxury cat bowls and more!

Simply soak the bowl in water for 60 seconds and this will activate its natural cooling effect for hours, keeping food fresher and water cooler. For bowls in this range with 3D features, this slows your cats eating habits, aiding in digestion, and bloating.

The colours within the range are minimalistic and won’t be an eye sore to you or your house guests. It also ensures the colours won’t become dated or start looking drab after a few uses.

Remember you have to look at the cat bowl every day, so pick something you’ll love to look at and that’s also healthy for your cat too!