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The very best way we can show love for our pets is to keep them healthy and well looked after. Your little bundle of fluff may appear to prefer cuddles and treats to a trip to the vet but maintaining regular consultation with your local veterinarian is the most generous act for your cat.

But how do you convince them that what you’re doing is for their own good?

Here are seven handy tips to help you and your beloved pet get to the vet.

  1. Become friends with the cat carrier

A pet carrier shouldn’t be hidden away for months on end, only to be retrieved from the store room a few minutes before you leave for the vet. Instead, your pet carrier should be part of your cat’s life well before the big visit. Leave it in an area your cat enjoys and let it see the carrier as part of its home rather than an item only associated with vet visits.

Our stylishly designed range of real leather carriers are ideal for year-round display as they blend aesthetically with a range of current interior design trends.

Land of Meow_Moshiqa Cat Carrier with Kitten
  1. Start good habits early

Your first trips to the vet with a brand-new kitten are a great opportunity to get to know your local vet and for your fur baby to become comfortable in the new environment of the clinic.

  1. Travelling with your cat

Placing your carrier on the floor of your car or pushing back the front seat to secure the carrier into the car can make travelling safer. Our new range of SleepyPod carriers allows you to strap in the carrier to your car, allowing for safer travel.

  1. Keep your distance from other pets

Other pets may cause stress for your cat. Most pets don’t enjoy a trip to the vet so will be fearful and release this fear through noise or scent. If your pet senses this fear, it may lead to further stress. Keep your pet close to you and calm them with your voice and constant reassurances.

Soft carriers allow you to hold them close while still remaining in the security of their carrier. For particularly sensitive cats, cat only vets may be a good idea.

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  1. Dealing with multiples

If you have more than one cat, it is generally advisable to keep them in separate cat carriers. However, cats that have grown up together as siblings can be more distressed by being separated. The special bond that exists between cats from the same litter often means that are happiest travelling together when embarking on overseas travel, when boarding in a cattery or even a quick trip to the vet

  1. Hold on tight

Your vet will appreciate an overprotective cat mummy or daddy that keeps a tight grip on their pet during the examination. Hold on to them during examinations and injections to help them feel comforted.

  1. Reward them

When you are home again, remember to reward them with lots of cuddles and maybe even a treat.