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How much do you love your kitty? Seriously they are sooo cute with their big eyes, loving purr, gorgeous little paws and the snuggling. Let’s not forget the snuggling. But have you ever stopped to think about all the superpowers that cats have?

Maybe they haven’t stopped any crimes lately but that doesn’t mean that couldn’t if they wanted to. It’s only the lure of a soft bed that keeps them guarding the inside of your home instead of the outside.

Here’s proof that your cat is a crime fighting superhero.

Just like Spiderman

Have you ever watched a cat climb a wall? I mean a high solid wall. Cat claws are the perfect tools for anchoring and leveraging themselves up walls. Think of them like the crampons that rock climbers use. If you watch your cat before they climb a wall they always sit back, stare and calculate the angles before making the leap. Never taking their eyes from their intended landing spot they are skilled climbers, with strong muscles in their hind quarters that allow them to leap not just vertically, but also horizontally, and cling to whatever surface they have aimed for. Who doesn’t love a spidey-cat?

Spider-Cat Climbs Walls

Just like Wonder Woman

Cats are amazingly agile. Their ability to move quickly and easily with grace and beauty is also a hallmark of Wonder Woman. Cats have an uncanny ability to balance on the slimmest of ledges, make precise leaps, sprint at amazing speeds and manoeuvre through tight spaces without breaking a sweat. And just like the Amazons of Themyscira competing to be Wonder Woman they love the chance to show off their skills. Did you know that ‘cat agility’ is even a sport with a number of timed obstacles for the cat to complete in?

Just like Superman

Superman is known for his amazing ‘super senses’. His hearing is far better than any human due to his ability to hear on multiple frequencies, even faint noises that are outside of the normal human range. Just like Superman, cats can hear on a human frequency but also hear much higher sounds up to 64 kHz. That’s 1.6 octaves above the range of a human and even 1 octave above the range of a dog. When a cat doesn’t want to be surprised well… you have to be a ninja to catch them out. It’s because of pinpoint hearing that cats totally freak out when you sneak up on them. Cats can pinpoint where a sound is coming from within three inches of where the sound is made. Now that is super cool!

Just like Wolverine

Yep, Wolverine is pretty darn cool. But what has he got that your cat hasn’t? So, Wolverine is hard to kill – hello, cats have 9 lives thank you very much (well not literally). Wolverine is not fond of water, well that’s the same for several cats. But let’s talk about the big, and very sharp, similarity. The claws! Yep Wolverine has some pretty decent paws on him. Sharp curved talons that can that retract at will. These are also one of the cats most prized features. From fighting it’s enemies to fighting your curtains (which we assume is crime fighting practice), cats are just as good as Wolverine any day.

 Just like Black Widow

While it’s true that Black Widow wasn’t born with super strength or evolved with mutant genes and abilities, she is highly intelligent and that is still definitely a super strength in our books. So how is Black Widow and a cat the same? Black Widow is adept at using psychological manipulation to handle her enemies. Anyone who owns a cat knows how easily they can wrap you around their furry little paws in order to get their own way. So yep. Same same.

So there you have it. Proof that cats are really crime fighting machines, that just prefer lazing about, eating, sleeping, and then sleeping some more. Perhaps all that down time is just to recharge their batteries to keep their amazing powers ready for when the super villains arrive!

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