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We all love out cats and want to have them in photographs with us but taking a selfie with a pet is never easy. Here are 5 easy tips to help you get that great shot which will have everyone on Instagram totally jealous of and raving about your adorable kitty.

1. Make the cat the focus

Accept the fact that your cat loves being the centre of attention – as long as it’s on their terms. Your cat should be the focus of the picture sitting in the foreground of your selfie with you in the background.

Land of Meow - Cat Photobomb“Did someone say photo time?”

Unless your cat is a mad photobomber. In that case maybe a comic selfie, as opposed to a cute selfie, is what you should be considering.

Remember that all the best Insta cats have great personalities so if they’ve got it, flaunt it!

2. Keep your cat interested

Having a disinterested cat in your selfie is a sure way to ruin the photo. Try placing a toy or other item of interest in the direction that you want your cat to be looking. But always consider what you want your final image to look like. Sure, doing a cat selfie ABBA style might have been cool in the 70’s. But is it the look for today’s crowd?

Land of Meow - Knowing Me knowing you

Land of Meow - ABBA Cat

Mamma mia, here we go again

3. Act natural

Most importantly - act natural. The best way to get a great selfie with your cat is to let it happen naturally. Don’t force the cat into a pose as retaliation can be swift and a bit ouchy. Just let the camera click away and follow your cats lead.

Land of Meow - Cat Biting

Cat being forced into selfie


Land of Meow - Good Cat Selfie

Cat not being forced into selfie

4. Use natural light

Use natural light. Flash photos rarely work well and unless you want devil eyes on your cat its best to use soft morning or evening light. We’re big fans of Cathode and Remy. Worth checking out for adventure cat selfies.

5. Arrange yourself around the cat

Take advantage of the moments when your cat is relaxed enough for you to slide into the frame. Its much easier to take a selfie if you arrange yourself around your cat rather than the other way around. Just try not to startle your cat in the process.

Knowing when to hold back is important for avoiding bad selfies. Remember – you want your cat to enjoy the experience and be happy enough that they will do it again in future so don’t force it 

Land of Meow - Scared Cat

Why hooman why?!

At the end of any selfie session reward your cat with extra play time or attention. Cats are very loving creatures and if they know you will spoil them for a few minutes of posing then they are much more likely to do it again in the future and you may end up with the perfect Insta photo that lights up the net after all.

Land of Meow - Good Cat Selfie 2

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